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DIY: Cabin Air Filter (06 Scion tC)

I was flipping through the channels and came across Drive It! (program on DW TV).  They were covering the pollen filter (cabin air filter here in the states) when I switched to their channel.  It was a pretty cool segment and it got me thinking I could replace my filter — wouldn’t hurt and I’ll save a couple of bucks.

I googled cabin air filter and 06 Scion tC (my ride).  A video posted by on YouTube and a forum post on were extremely helpful in getting the task done.  After researching the price of an OEM filter (around $15/filter), I opted to make my own, by using a 3M Ultra Allergen furnace filter.  The cost of the filter is around $17, but this can yield 4 cabin air filters.  Scored big on this DIY: Continue reading